BLessJ: The Journey of a Rising Afrobeat Artist

BLessJ: The Journey of a Rising Afrobeat Artist

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Marvellous Omeh  (Born 6th September 1993), Professionally Known By His Stage Name BLessJ, Is a Nigeria afrobeat artist, Songwriter, Singer, Trap Artist, Director, Tv presenter, and recording Executive. Refereed to As The Number One Coolest Supper Star Boy.
In the world of music, countless artists strive to make their mark and create a lasting impression on their audience. One such aspiring musician is BLessJ, an Afrobeat artist who has been steadily gaining recognition for his talent and dedication. This article delves into the life and journey of BLessJ, exploring his passion for music, his experiences in Italy, and his collaborations with other artists.

The Beginning: A Love for Music

BlessJ's affinity for music began long before he left Nigeria. Despite facing economic limitations that prevented him from recording his songs, he continued to write and express his thoughts through lyrics. His determination and love for music eventually led to the release of his first single in 2013 - a significant milestone in his career as an Afrobeat artist.

Early Struggles and Challenges

Like many aspiring musicians, BlessJ faced numerous obstacles in his pursuit of a career in music. Struggling to make ends meet in Nigeria, he felt the need to seek a better life for himself and his family. This decision ultimately led him to pack his bags and leave for Italy in 2016, in search of opportunities that would allow him to grow both personally and professionally.

The Move to Italy: A New Beginning

Upon arriving in Italy, BlessJ found himself in an environment vastly different from Nigeria, both culturally and linguistically. Despite the challenges that came with adapting to a new country, he remained dedicated to his passion for music. It was in Italy that BlessJ released his debut EP, titled 'Juicy'  'GoTrue,'  and other singles which showcased his growth as an artist and his determination to succeed.

Afrobeat in Italy: Overcoming Language Barriers

One of the main challenges that BlessJ faced while creating music in Italy was the language barrier. With Italian being the primary language spoken in the country, English-speaking artists like BlessJ often struggle to connect with their audience. However, as Afrobeat gained popularity worldwide, major Nigerian artists started to perform in Italy, helping to grow the genre and create a market for artists like BlessJ.

Building Connections and Collaborations

Despite the linguistic and cultural barriers, BlessJ has managed to form valuable connections within the music industry. One such connection led to a collaboration with Nigerian street-pop veteran Terry G, who featured on the last track of BlessJ's 'GoTrue' EP, titled 'Play.' This collaboration was made possible after BlessJ reached out to Terry G via social media, highlighting the power of networking and perseverance in the music industry.

Overcoming Distribution Challenges

Another challenge that BlessJ faced was working with a distribution company that didn't understand the Afrobeat market or sound. This led to issues like incorrect artist information on tracks, causing confusion for listeners. Despite these setbacks, BlessJ continued to push forward and work hard to ensure that his music reached the right audience.

The Support of Producers and Video Directors

In his journey as an Afrobeat artist, BlessJ has been fortunate enough to work with a producer and video director who believed in his talent and supported him without expecting any payment in return. This kind of support has been instrumental in allowing BlessJ to continue pursuing his passion for music and creating high-quality content for his audience.

The Importance of Gratitude and Hard Work

BlessJ has expressed his immense gratitude for the support he has received from professionals within the music industry. He understands the value of hard work and determination, and he hopes to use his music to tell his story and inspire others who face similar struggles and challenges.

Connecting with Listeners Back Home

Residing in Italy has made it difficult for BlessJ to connect with his Nigerian audience, but he is determined to bridge that gap. By working to establish connections with the right people within the music industry, he aims to share his music with a wider audience and continue to grow as an artist.

Overcoming Scams and Fraud

Unfortunately, the music industry is not without its share of individuals who seek to exploit aspiring artists for their own gain. BlessJ is aware of these risks and remains vigilant in his efforts to connect with genuine professionals who can help him share his music with the world.

The Inspiration Behind 'GoTrue'

When asked about the choice of name for his debut EP, BlessJ explained that he drew inspiration from his own experiences and journey. The hardships he faced in Nigeria, as well as his journey to Italy, are captured in the different songs on the EP, providing a glimpse into the life and struggles of an aspiring Afrobeat artist.

Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future

As BlessJ continues to grow as an artist, he remains committed to sharing his story through his music. He is grateful for the opportunities he has been given and the progress he has made so far, and he has no intention of slowing down.

In Conclusion: The Ascent of BlessJ

The story of BlessJ is one of determination, passion, and resilience. As a rising Afrobeat artist, he has faced numerous challenges in his quest to share his music with the world. Despite the hardships, he remains devoted to his craft and continues to inspire others with his story. With the support of his fans and collaborators, BlessJ's journey is only just beginning, and the future looks bright for this talented musician.


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