Interview With Upcoming Artist: Expressing Emotions through Music, The Story of MagicBaby.

Interview With Upcoming Artist: Expressing Emotions through Music, The Story of MagicBaby.

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Expressing Emotions through Music: The Story of MagicBaby -Interview

MagicBaby Interview on euafrobeatmusic

Euafrobeatmusic interview with an upcoming artist named “Junior Erharuyi,” popularly known as MagicBaby. Born and brought up in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. he moved to Europe at a very young age. He is an Afrotrap, Hip-hop rap, and Afro pop artist.

He started his musical journey at the age of 16, but initially, it was just a hobby for him. However, he later decided to pursue music professionally and has been consistent with his craft for the past four years.

When asked about what got him into music and what motivated him to start making music, MagicBaby said, “It’s just how I was feeling, and I couldn’t find a better way to express myself or convey a message to those who are facing similar challenges. That’s when I decided to turn to music, which helps me express myself better. I have a lot on my mind that brings me down emotionally and physically, and music allows me to release those feelings.”

He was inspired by artists like Young MA, who effectively convey their messages through their songs. Growing up, this also motivated him to pursue music.

Describing the music he typically creates, MagicBaby said,

“I would say it’s love, enjoyable, deep, and spiritual. It involves storytelling and chasing dreams.”

He takes his time to create and listen to every part of his songs, making the process magical. He wants his fans to experience the best of his music.

MagicBaby expressed his desire to work with Black Sheriff in the future.

Regarding his stage name, MagicBaby shared that he used to answer to a different stage name. However, he later realized that his music had a magical effect on people, changing their emotions, making them dance, and making them reflect on their lives. That’s when he came up with the name MagicBaby.

One of his songs, titled “What is Yours is Yours,” was inspired by a time in his life when everything seemed to be falling apart. He thought he wouldn’t be able to achieve anything, but fortunately, things started to exceed his expectations. This experience led him to create the song.

MagicBaby is set to release his highly anticipated EP in 2024 and urges everyone to stay updated for the release date.

Credit goes to Marvis for conducting this credible interview.

MagicBaby Interview on euafrobeatmusic

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