Meet Spurz Tunez the baddest producer in the Eu Industry.

Meet Spurz Tunez the baddest producer in the Eu Industry.

Eu AfroBeat Music
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Talking about one of the Eu AfroBeat Music Producer. Meet Spurz_Tunez the baddest producer in the Eu Industry.

Officially; incase you don’t know, Spurz_Tunez is a music 🎼 producer and also an artist from Nigeria and based in Europe.

He has put out some dope singles, Eps and album. 💿

He has also produced the likes of Twotigermusic & Twotigers_music , Slizzymusic , Boy_empire1 and so many others.

Talking about his recent projects with Slizzymusic who is one of the OG’s in the music 🎼 industry by the brands name “Edo Boy’ which I would like to talk about next.

Spurz_Tunez has also been seen in some top brands sponsorship spotlight, which will be interesting for clothing brands to partner with. Because he is a stylish art. He is know to be one of the Eu top stars among others. Talking about his sounds, recording and mixing & mastering.

he has been playing important role for years now. And it’s important for we to appreciate the work done by the Eu stars.

“Because it’s not easy to go to the top and stay at the top”

Let me introduce you to the origin and some highlights and how we come about the African / afrobeat Genres.

“Afrobeat was developed in Nigeria 🇳🇬 by in the late 1960s by FELA KUTI. that involves the combination of every West African musical style and culture. Such as traditional Yoruba and the combination of other cultures and languages. The sound has portray itself and now become one of the biggest genres worldwide.”

Long story short. This is now part of the face that is pushing and braking boundaries to other continent now which everyone is enjoying today.

So if you are familiar with it, then what are you waiting for? Join stream songs by Spurz_Tunez today and book a section for your music 🎵 productions and be a star ⭐️ today.

Link on his bio for dope music

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